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Wood Modification with Textile Hydrophobation  Agents

In the textile industry, various compounds are applied to improve certain properties such as form stability and hydrophobicity. Since cotton textiles mainly consist of cellulose, their chemical composition is very similar to that of wood. Moreover, the requirements with regard to the process in the textile industry resemble to those of wood impregnation. The agents are nearly exclusively applied as emulsions (aqueous systems) and the bath in which the textile (or the wood respectively) is submerged has to be stable over a longer period of time so that the reaction does not occurs until a curing phase after the impregnation.

In this study, Fagus sylvatica, Pinus syvestris, Hevea brasiliensis and Paulownia fortunei wood are modified by the processes of chemical and thermal modification with several hydrophobation agents. The chemical composition of wood is exchanged by hydrophobic chemical groups, which improve dimension stability and increase the resistance of wood against biodegradation. The chemical agents to be tested are N-methylol compounds, various waxes and silicone compounds. The results from this research are dedicated in the European Patent - EP1716995 (2009)

The research is supported by Ministry of Science and Culture of Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen) , DAAD and Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany





European Patent - EP1716995, 2009

Militz, H., Mai, C., Nguyen, H. M., 2009. Composition based on fatty acids and paraffin derivatives for protecting lignocellulosic materials

Schutzmittel für lignocellulosisches Material auf Basis von Fettsäure- und Paraffinderivaten. Veröffentlichungsnummer: EP 1716995, Europäisches Patentamt.


Granted date:             02/25/2009 EP1716995  (B1)

Publication date:         02/11/2006 EP1716995 (A2)    EP1716995  (A3)     

Filing date:                 04/24/2006



                  NGUYEN HONG MINH [VN]



Abstract of EP 1716995  (A2)
A protective composition comprising hydrocarbon in aqueous form and/or as a colloidal mixture of solvent, zirconium and/or aluminum is used for wood and timber materials. The hydrocarbon has 4-60 carbon atoms. It has hydroxyl groups that act as reactive groups. The hydroxyl groups comprise n-methylol, ketene, ketene-dimer, optionally cyclic anhydride, or groups of isocyanates. An independent claim is included for wood or timber material impregnated with the protective composition as above.


Protective treatment for wood composit material with improved characteristics: reduced water absorption, fewer expansion and shrinking

Composition based on fatty acids and paraffin derivatives for protecting lignocellulosic materials


Nguyen, H. M., 2008. Wood Modification with Hydrophobation Textile Finishing Agents. Sierke Verlag. Göttingen, Germany

Nguyen, H. M., Militz, H., Mai, C., 2007. Protection of wood for above ground application through modification with a fatty acid modified N-methylol/paraffin formulation. In: International Research Group on Wood Preservation. Conference: 07-05-20/24 Jackson, USA. IRG38 Conference Proceedings: Document No. IRG/WP 07-40378. The International Research Group on Wood Protection IRG/WP, Stockholm. Sweden. (Presentation)

Nguyen, H. M., Militz, H., Mai, C., 2007. Weathering properties of wood modified with hydrophobation agents. In: Hill CAS, Jones D, Militz H, Ormondroyd GA (Hg.) The 3rd European Conference on Wood Modification. The Third European Conference on Wood Modification, Bangor, UK.

Mai C, Nguyen, H. M., Donath, S., Weigenand, O., Militz, H., 2007. Neuartige Systeme zur Hydrophobierung von Holz in der Außenanwendung.Wege zum geschützten Holz im modernen Holzbau Wege zum geschützten Holz im modernen Holzbau, Biberach, Germany.

Nguyen, H. M., Mai, C., Hung, N., Khanh, N., Militz, H., 2005. Durability properties of rubber and paulownia wood treated by hydrophobation agents. In: Militz H, Hill C (Hg.) Wood Modification. Wood Modification: Processes, Properties and Commercialisation, Göttingen. Germany.



Ron Cockcroft Award (RCA),  awarded by International Research Group on Wood Protection. IRG38, Wyoming, United State of America, 2007.

Top academic prize among Bachelor graduated student batch 1991-1996,  Vietnam University of Forestry, Vietnam, 1996.






Ph.D - 2007 Wood Modification Technology

Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany  

Fields of study:  Wood Chemistry, Wood Working Testing Method, Wood Biology and Wood Technology: Chemical-Thermo  Wood ModificationWood Fiber Modification

Dissertation book: " Wood Modification with Hydrophobation Textile Finishing Agents"



M.Sc - 2000 Pulp and Paper Technology


Asian Institute of Technology ( AIT ), Thailand

Fields of Study: Pulping Technology, Paper and Board Technology


Dissertation: " Comparison of Eucalyptus urophylla, Eucalyptus camaldulensis and Acacias from Vietnam as fibre raw material for paper "   


B.Eng - 1996 Wood Processing Technology

Vietnam University of Forestry , Vietnam


Fields of Study: Wood Science, Wood based panel Technology,  Wood Working Machinery

Dissertation: " Application research of a mixed fire-retardant chemicals for particle board “


1996 – 1997    Technical Supervisor -  Wood processing technology, Dai Duc Co. Ltd, providing Taiwan woodworking machineries for wood industries in Vietnam, Hanoi, Vietnam

1997 - 1999    Senior Technical Supervisor – Wood-based panel and laminated wood industries of Vietnam, Casco Adhesives (Asia) Pte Ltd (AKZO NOBEL), Rep. Office, Hanoi, Vietnam

2000 – 2002   Research Associate. Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand

2003               Research Project  "Dimension Stability of Silicon Base Paper
Sappi Fine Paper Europe - Sappi Alfeld AG, Alfeld , Germany

2002 – 2009   Research Associate, Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Göttingen, Germany

2010               Researcher, Forest Science Institute of Vietnam (FSIV), Hanoi, Vietnam








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